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2be14e19dbe409bbbcd34361f331c886_h242w270_widthSTILO TROPHY DES JET

Usage: Rally, GT Turismo
Material: Fibreglass / Kevlar
Homologation: Snell SA-2010
Small shell: 1280 +/-30g
Large shell: 1320 +/-30g
Intercom: Ready for fitment of Rally or WRC intercom versions
Optional flipup visor

Fåes i størrelse XS-XXL.                                                                                  Pris 2665 kr excl moms.

0f3124313423cf123c136dfab98b0b17_h500w500_widthSTILO WRC DES COMPOSITE

Usage: Rally
Material: Kevlar-MSF (Multi Sandwich Material
Certification: Snell SA-2005
Small Shell: 1400 +/- 30gr.
Large Shell: 1440 +/- 30gr.
Intercom: Standard Equipment (noise attenuating earmuffs with speakers, noise cancelling magnetic-dynamic microphone, intercom plug fully integrated.

Fåes i Størrelse XS-XXL.                                                                                  Pris 5099 kr excl moms.